Designed for Olympic level reining competition, now available for private use.

  • Smaller chopped GEO designed for all western disciplines.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Prevents compaction.
  • Increased moisture retention.

The first riding surface in the Western sector that meets the requirements of all Western disciplines. No matter if Reining, Cutting, Pleasure, Cow-Horse, Barrel-Race, Trail:

  • shear-resistant and compact for the Cutting work with cattle
  • sufficiently loose and smooth for Western dressage
  • suitable for sliding stops
  • easy to maintain and durable
  • dust-free to take account of man’s and horse’s health
  • hoof-friendly and moisture regulating
Smaller Chopped GEO 100%

The Footing Factory uses the highest quality nonwoven geotextile available as well as the highest quality polyester fiber, with a high tensile strength and UV rating. This assures that your arena footing will last longer and not break down.

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