Training tracks and turf fields are built to allow the professional trainer or high level enthusiast the ability to exercise horses year-round in a safe and productive environment.  Designed to provide a usable riding surface in virtually all weather, our proven systems will give your operation years of safe, productive training time.

Standardbred tracks

Our home facility in New Jersey was originally a Standardbred farm with a ½ mile track. One of the experiences that was the genesis of the Footing Factory was our repair and management of our own track, along with our riding rings. Having a track that will allow for as few off days throughout the year is a key component to running a successful Standardbred operation. Our systems have been designed, tested, and proven to maximize surface stability and drainage at reasonable price points.

Thoroughbred Tracks

A strong exercise program that strengthens a horse for competition while not stressing a horse running on poor footing is a necessary component to a top notch racing facility. Whether you are training young horses, or conditioning more experienced mounts, consistent footing allows you to focus time, energy, and resources to the training of the horse, not the management of the property.

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