Outdoor Arenas

We offer surface drained or full drainage outdoor arenas to suit all riding needs. Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, or Driving/Reining. The key to building and maintaining a great outdoor arena is to actively manage the water and surface materials while maintaining surface integrity. This starts with a solid, laser graded base, properly designed water management, and finishes with a material blend that will give your horse the footing necessary to train safely and consistently. We have satisfied clients in every discipline, in many climates.

Indoor Arenas

We offer both irrigated and waterless indoor dust free arena footing systems to work in all climates, in all disciplines as well. We will work with the existing arena, or in concert with your builder. Our construction division can also build your arena from the ground up.


Indoor arena renovations are done by removing existing footing, replacing or re-grading the base, and installing proper footing for your application.

Some existing arenas that are pure sand will benefit from addition of GGT fiber through our mixing process. This is done on site, and will dramatically change and improve the function of your ring. We can visit your facility and inspect the sand, making an immediate determination if this process is possible for your ring.

Many arenas built twenty or thirty years ago can be effectively renovated with grading and modern materials installed. Ask for a site visit to evaluate your existing surface in make it safe and world class.

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